The freshest goan links I was tired of getting my news about Goa from a bunch of disparate sources all over the place. Since I have a house there now, I like to keep up with what’s going on.

So I created my own page with feeds from a bunch of websites I read, and viola! GoaPress.com lives, I figured I’d get a domain and throw it up.

I’ll probably play with it further and rotate the feeds about as I find more sic*better sites or more relevant news. But as the page stands right now it gives me a great snapshot of all current events, news and happenings in Goa

I also threw in a bit of eye candy, Flickr snaps and YouTube video’s, they are a lot of fun for me, they take me back there. Videos are generally a little too trance-y for me, but a few gems slip in once in a while.

Take a look: GoaPress.com