Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

A group of volunteers do a pretty good interpretation of Suerat’s famous painting in Beloit, Wisconsin. Article Link…

George Seurat

This was done in 2006, but I only discovered it today on flickr. Link…

4 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

  1. interestingly enough, the lady with an umbrella has a Gustave Caillebote-inspired tote… Seurat would’ve been pissed)

  2. That’s an interesting catch there, Ivan.

    Prompted me to go find out about that painting. I did find an interesting article here’s a Link to the article and a snippet:

    “In fact, one wonders whether Georges Seurat, then only eighteen years old and already deeply committed to becoming an artist, went to the Impressionist exhibition of 1877. He was a careful student and would have surely been moved by the deliberate pictorial strategies of Paris Street; Rainy Day. Its combination of order and casualness, its application of contrived structures to the depiction of everyday lifeā€”all of this would have appealed to Seurat. And is it folly to ask whether Seurat remembered Caillebotte’s masterpiece when he started his own immense painting, A Sunday on La Grande Jatte seven years later? Seurat’s masterpiece seems almost too related to Paris Street; Rainy Day not to be in some form an homage to Caillebotte’s earlier masterpiece. Caillebotte’s rain becomes Seurat’s sun. His parapluies (umbrellas) become Seurat’s parasols. His urban street becomes Seurat’s suburban park. His confrontational composition, Seurat’s decorous, planar surface. Yet, all these opposites are resolved when one realizes that each composition is anchored at the right by a couple going for an eternal walk in Paris.”

  3. Of course, been a few years since I was there, but what would you like to know? I’ve sent you an email as well, if you’d rather it were private.

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