Damien Hirst’s diamond skull

hirstskull_front.jpg hirstskull_side.jpg

This has me intrigued, is this art, or simply great marketing? I think it’s more marketing than art. It’s a nice piece, skulls are just fascinating, and so are diamonds, they evoke a lot of feeling in most folks. That’s it’s allure, but is it worth a $100 million? Does this make Damien, for a single piece, the highest paid living artist of all time so far. I guess so. Maybe that’s an art in and of itself, it’s more marketing isn’t it.

$20 million to create, sell it for a $100 million, $80 million profit! He’s good.

Then there’s the question of the diamonds, eight and a half thousand of them. Ethically sourced! How the hell does one ethically source 8,500 diamonds! For some reason I don’t buy that.

It’s going to be intriguing to see if he can sell it for that price.

Here are some links to articles with more information on the skull:

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