Sunflowers and Self-Portraits

I found this play on Van Gogh’s style below at Pizdaus, which is a fun site for interesting pictures of all sorts.

I have no idea where it comes from, what context it was made in or for. It’s just such a great image, I had to share…

van gogh in a field of sunflowers

*If you or anyone you know possesses the copyright to this image, do let me know so I may credit it appropriately. If you have the copyright and want it removed, same deal, let me know and it will get removed..

Free Car Vector Outlines

Here’s a great find, 6000 free vectors of Car outlines in Adobe Illustrator format.

It’s been bought to my attention that these are not Free or Public Domain vectors, but are copyrighted. They are still a great set and the company that produces them has quite a few free samples here:
Free Car Vector Samples.

vector car outlines