The freshest goan links I was tired of getting my news about Goa from a bunch of disparate sources all over the place. Since I have a house there now, I like to keep up with what’s going on.

So I created my own page with feeds from a bunch of websites I read, and viola! GoaPress.com lives, I figured I’d get a domain and throw it up.

I’ll probably play with it further and rotate the feeds about as I find more sic*better sites or more relevant news. But as the page stands right now it gives me a great snapshot of all current events, news and happenings in Goa

I also threw in a bit of eye candy, Flickr snaps and YouTube video’s, they are a lot of fun for me, they take me back there. Videos are generally a little too trance-y for me, but a few gems slip in once in a while.

Take a look: GoaPress.com

Landmark Web Design or how I learnt to stop worrying and just build the damn website.

geocities-style-webdesignA bunch of interesting articles/essays recently, that led to interesting discussions on the topic of timeless web design. All worth a read if you have any involvement in the wonderful wacky world of ‘design‘ and the web.

First Armin Vit writes an essay asking Landmark Web Sites, Where Art Thou? Essentially he asks why no individual web designs/sites have attained any historical significance worthy of being deemed landmarks that lead the way, such as Paul Rand’s IBM Logo.

Dan Saffer posts an interesting unrelated thought on Making Stuff vs Making Stuff Up a day later. He alludes to the problem of creation (thought) and production (implementation) for a designer.

Khoi Vin picks up on both and posts Something’s Missing in Web Design . The interesting points he adds are, “the very best designers are leaving behind the work of actually doing design…” and “that Web design is really boring…”

Joshua Porter picks up on Armin’s initial post and posts a response, Do Canonical Web Designs Exist? His point being, “It’s just that canonical design on the web isn’t as glamorous as some want it to be.”

They are all great reads and the ensuing discussions are absolute fun to read.

As to timeless or landmark web designs, there are many for me, most may not exist anymore, but they did leave a mark on me and is that not the point.

SketchUp Video Tutorials


Google’s free 3D drawing program, SketchUp is a great tool. I played with it when they first released it after buying the original creators, making it free and integrating it into Google Earth . It basically lets you build your own 3d models and place them into Google Earth.

Today I came across this great resource by the author of the Sketch Up for Dummies book, it’s 62 video tutorials on YouTube for how to use the program. Here goes my weekend.

All thanks to Aidan Chopra who wrote the dummies book!

View them here…

Very Thought Provoking…

Discovered Chris Jordan’s photography portfolio today. I’m impressed, it’s been a while since photography got me quite so provoked. His portraits of American Mass Consumption are staggering.


Just taking a look at that image above makes me really wonder in amazement at what Air Traffic Controllers must go thru on a daily basis. Some scary scary stuff in his photographs. Take a look you won’t be disappointed.

Chris Jordan Photography »